THE GIFT OF GIVING SALE: 9 November 2021

1 DAY SALE: 9 November 2021


Full week:
R 4 199.00 + R 50
= R 4 249.00
Online voucher code: R49VNQB63M



R 2 939.00 + R 50
= R 2 989.00
Online voucher code: GZ8QZQYJGN


R 1 259.00 + R 50
= R 1 309.00
Online voucher code: 3KEH9YATF5


This November, Gomelo is teaming up with African Blessings, who are on a mission to provide Christmas gifts to the neglected and forgotten elderly in our local communities. We will be donating R 50.00 per booking to the African Blessings - Season for Seniors 2021 campaign.

Click here, in order to read more about their projects:





We do encourage members to make use of the online system,, using the voucher codes, to book online and avoid any inconvenience. Should the voucher not work on a week, that means the week is an owner week (highlighted in blue) and therefore not valid on the special.

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Your holiday reservation can be booked Online, or through our Call Centre: | +27 (012) 996 5120 |

  • The Resort will have to operate as per the Covid-19 Protocols as set by government.

  • There will be limited services and/or facilities.

  • Take note that in terms of current regulations, the wearing of a mask when entering a public space, is mandatory. Accordingly clients who fail to adhere to this regulation will not be permitted to enter the premises.

  • Security will, upon arrival, measure the temperature of each and every individual occupying the vehicle. Should any occupant's temperature measure above 37.8, the vehicle will not be permitted to enter the premises.

  • All persons on the resort must comply with the regulations and directions as issued from time to time during this state of national disaster and the resort reserves the right to request/demand that you leave the premises should you refuse to adhere to the regulations and directions as issued, whether by way of law enforcement or not.

  • Please be aware that Government regulations in regards to Covid-19 operations may change at any stage.
 Terms and Conditions: 

The sale will only run on Tuesday, 9 November 2021: 08H00-16H00. The sale will only apply to reservations at Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge with an occupation date between 3-10 December 2021. All accommodation and sleeper sizes are subject to availability and will be booked on a first come first serve basis. Private Owner weeks / Peak / Public Holiday periods are excluded from the sale. No other discount vouchers to be used. No on-renting of accommodation permitted. No Guest Certificates will be issued on any reservations booked on the special. Standard Cancellation policy will apply to all reservations. Payments to be made with a Credit Card on the day, 9 November 2021. Please note no Credit Card payments will be processed via the Call Centre. As soon as a booking has been placed on hold, we do require members to pay via the online system for security reasons. Reservations can be made through the Gomelo Call Centre, or on the Gomelo website using the online voucher codes. Should the system be manipulated we have the right to refund you, cancel your booking and block your file. Should you get a system error, and additional discount has been applied, we have the right to amend your booking and hold you liable for the amount outstanding. All discount vouchers may only be used once per holiday booking made with Gomelo. Should discount vouchers be used more than once on a booking, we have the right to investigate the matter and take action accordingly. The file holder will be held responsible for any bookings made on the file. Should Covid-19 regulations change, and the resort has to close, Gomelo will contact you. Standard Gomelo terms and conditions apply.

Mon 08 Nov 21