Packing for a family holiday




Let TradeUnipoint's team of holiday experts help you prepare for the unexpected...
You've been waiting for this day to arrive for 11 and  a half months, you've been dreaming about it, trying to kill long dreary afternoons in the office, you've saved up and you've made arrangements to feed the dog... But are you really prepared to take on this annual institution that we love and dread at the same time?
Are you truly ready for your December break..?
Enter the TradeUnipoint team! We've compiled a list of things to remember, things to leave at home, and things to make your summer holiday even more memorable.
First off, if you're going on a TradeUnipoint holiday (why wouldn't you, duh!), please remember to print out your confirmation letter and to have it ready upon entering the resort premises.
Local map of the area
If you're anything like us, you love exploring the surrounding areas, towns, tourist attractions and doing fun activities. DO remember a map of the local area you'll be visiting! Yes, we've all got smartphones and GPS's nowadays, but what happens when your signal is lost, or your battery dies? Yip, nothing like a trusty old map or guide book to make you navigate old school style!
Before you pack
A lot could happen in 11 and a half months since you last wore that strappy summer dress or tight fitting vest... Prevent over-packing (and disappointment) by taking the time to try on and fit all your seasonal garments first before packing them!
Entertainment for the road:
Let's face it, not all of us can afford plane tickets with in-flight entertainment! For those taking on a roadtrip, remember to pack the necessary books and magazines, as well as chargers for: phones, tablets, MP3 players, cameras and whatever else crazy tech gadgets the kids are into these days! If you're still travelling old school, board games and card games always come in handy once you find yourself 300km away from home!
Pool-side Practical: 
Although we pride ourselves on excellent and well-equipped accommodation, there are always things you need to pack that can make your holiday just that little bit more comfortable. We love fluffy white bath towels, but we're sure you'll agree that these aren't the most practical next to the pool, so please, remember your beach towels! A large beach towel also comes in handy on impromptu picnics or shielding the sun from the car window on a long trip. Same goes for a sarong, you'll never run out of uses for this handy little piece of material (we're thinking bohemian head scarf to cover those salty locks?). Another concern in public is usually what to do with your cash? Why not roll it up in an empty lip balm or sun screen container? Leave your things under your umbrella and take a dip with the rest of the family without the paranoia!
What's in the bag?
If you're a parent, or just plain smart, you'll know that the holidays can bring out the free-spirited side of any individual (be it a child, a teenager, or even hubby just blowing off some steam). A roomy beach bag is thus not just for the beach! From sunscreen, tweezers, insect repellent and wet wipes, a large bag that can take some punches usually substitutes the bejewelled leather handbag on any family holiday!
Self-catering take-alongs!
A flashlight always comes in handy, whether the power fails, you get a flat tyre at night, or the kids see an interesting bug outside the unit, come to the rescue trusty flashlight! Summer holidays in South Africa are sweltering hot, so be sure to keep the picnic supplies nice and cool! Ice packs have also proven to come in handy with injuries (swollen ankle from trampoline shenanigans, bump on the head, the list goes on!). 
A 7-Night Holiday does not mean 7 outfits... Pack some laundry soap to hand wash that favourite top, chlorine clad swimsuits or any other unwanted stains! Lastly, the vast amount of uses for a plastic bag is yet to be determined. Be sure to pack a few, whether you use it as a food carrier, laundry bag, or a dust bin, you can never have enough!
And remember, if you’re going to Sudwala Lodge, Crystal Springs, Monateng or Ngwenya, you definitely don’t need to pack the following:
Fire Lighters
You can pre-book these items with TradeUnipoint up to 72 hours before check-in!
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Mon 05 Dec 16