Book a holiday & WIN your money back!

That's right!


This April you get a chance to win
back the amount you pay for your holiday!


All you need to do to be entered into the lucky draw is the following:
BOOK a holiday in the month of April 2019, with an occupation date in 2019.
COMMENT your booking number on selected campaign posts.
SHARE the selected campaign posts in order to stand a chance to WIN!


Here are a few resorts you could be visiting soon:








Western Cape


Brits District,
North West


Thabazimbi Road,


To view all available resorts...


Bookings can be made online on
or through our Call Centre on +27 (012) 996 5120.


What's more...

Book your holiday online and receive 10% off your holiday booking!

*Please note, the rates on the website have already been discounted.


Terms and conditions:


All reservations to be booked in the month of April 2019. The competition will only apply
to reservations with an occupation date in 2019. Members should comment their booking
number and share at least one of our selected campaign posts in order to be entered into
the lucky draw. Selected campaign posts to be shared publicly in order to qualify as an entry.
A minimum of 20 unique entries/booking numbers will be required for a winner to be selected. The
lucky winner will win back the amount they paid for their holiday booking. All available resorts are
subject to availability and will be booked on a first come first serve basis. Online bookings will receive
10% off - rates on the website have already been discounted. Standard Cancellation policy will apply
to all reservations. No Guest Certificates. No on-renting of accommodation permitted. No other
discount vouchers to be used. Private Owner weeks / Peak / Public Holiday period bookings are
excluded from the competition. Reservations can be made on the TradeUnipoint website or
through the TradeUnipoint Call Centre. Should the system be manipulated we have the right
to refund you, cancel your booking and block your file. Should you get a system error, and
additional discount has been applied, we have the right to amend your booking and hold
you responsible for the amount outstanding. All discount vouchers may only be used
once per holiday booking made with TradeUnipoint. Should discount vouchers be
used more than once on a booking, we have the right to investigate the matter
and take action accordingly. The file holder will be held responsible for any
bookings made on the file. Standard TradeUnipoint terms and conditions apply.

Thu 04 Apr 19